WMOTA September Ride

The ride will start at 9:00 am on September 21st, Saturday. It will stage from the Sheep Coral just off 117 on 117c.

  1. From the intersection of 73 and 260, basically Hon Dah Casino,
  2. Go east on 260 for about 24 miles to FS 117.  The 117 is 2.8 miles past 273, which is the turn off to Sunrise Ski Resort.
  3. Turn left on FS 117
  4. Go about 0.9 miles on FS 117 and turn left on 117C

The Sheep Coral is basically right there as you turn left

If you’re camping, continue on 117c for about 0.4 miles.  The camping area is kind’a up the hill and around the turn on the left.  As always, look for the WMOTA signs.

The ride is planned for about 40 miles.  As always, bring your lunch and plenty of hydration fluids.  Rain gear is also probably desirable.  We expect to be back to the staging area at about 3ish o’clock.       

Jack R. Dyer                                     

October WMOTA Apache Joint Ride

Apache County ATV & WMOTA Club Members

October Joint Club Ride

It is hard to believe Fall will soon be here. The days are warm to very warm, there is no hint of the leaves changing color. The temperatures will soon begin to drop, especially in the higher elevations, and the Aspens will put on a golden show for all to see.

The October club ride is a joint ride with Apache County ATV and White Mountain Open Trails Association (WMOTA). The trail ride is a fall colors ride, the ride is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th and will depart the staging area at 9 am. The ride leaders will be Ron Rickel and Monica Barajas and the tail gunners will be Brett and Paula Bartels.

The ride will stage from the Sheep Corrals located at the junction of forest roads 117 and 117C. The Sheep Corrals are a little less than 1 mile north of Highway 260 and southeast of Greens Peak. The below graphic shows the location of the staging area. The ride is only 33 miles long, and will be a slower pace than normal, with frequent stops to allow riders to take pictures – since the purpose of the ride is to enjoy the fall colors. The ride leader used parts of club rides Juan Garcia 1, Juan Garcia 2, Green Peak, and Fred’s trail with the intent of staying in Aspens as much as possible. The ride is easy and very colorful, bring your camera and be prepared to take some great pictures of the beautiful scenery. Be sure to bring snacks, lunch, drinks, and be ready for a wonderful ride.

This ride is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or neighbor to the fun times the clubs have. Invite non-members to join the ride and experience the great times the clubs have and introduce them to the club members participating in the ride.

Charles Wood……………..

Fool Hallow Lake club Meeting

WMOTA’s September 12, Membership Meeting and BBQ
Members, your BOD has decided to host a BBQ Rib dinner instead of a Rodeo or Summer Social this year.  This is a FOR MEMBERS ONLY dinner with our regular meeting to follow.
Where:  Fool Hollow Lake, Meadowlark Ramada, 1500 Fools Hollow Rd., Show Low, Arizona            Follow our WMOTA signs to Meadowlark Ramada
When:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
Time:   Dinner at 5:00 pm with our meeting to follow
Thanks to Barbara Brady there is no entrance fee to the park for this event and no charge to WMOTA for the use of a Ramada. 
You must have a reservation to attend this dinner.  If you didn’t sign up at our last meeting, you must reply to this email by September 2, 2019, in order to attend the dinner.  We need an accurate count of attendees for the caterer. 
If you wish an adult beverage please bring your own, we will furnish water, Ice Tea and Lemonade to drink.

WMOTA August Club Meeting 2019

WMOTA General Meeting Aug 7, 2019

Jack called the meeting to order at 6 PM and welcomed our guest.

On Aug 18 we will meet at Honda for a pre-ride for the Hannigan’s Meadow ride. Wear long sleeve shirts and no shorts.

October 4th we will be parking RV’s and campers for the Mountain Bike Ride. We will be using our ATV’s for the parking and will need 10 people to help that day.

The September Club meeting will be at Fools Hollow Lake.  There will be a BBQ rib dinner for Club Members, and our club meeting will be after dinner.

There will be a February ride in Yuma, the 3rd thru the 7th, 2020.  You will need a State land permit.  More information will be coming later.

We need ride leaders.  Steve and I are ride leaders for August and on the 2nd pre ride we saw 2 large groups of Elk, NO DUST for ride leaders.

Lorna gave us information for checking fires.  One web site is 311info.net for fire information.

Apache Club sent an email with pictures regarding sticks coming up through the floor of the ATV and injuring a rider.  One of our member’s told us his wife was hit by a 9 mm from some target shooters that had ricochet, on Porter Mountain Trail, luckily her skin was not broken.  We have to be vigilant on the trails.

Jack closed the meeting.

WMOTA Sectary,

Lila Dudley

Hannigan Meadow Ride

If you’re planning on doing the Hannagan Meadow Lodge overnight ride on Thursday, August 29th, returning Friday, August 30th this is just a quick reminder.

Remember you MUST have a reservation for your accommodation at the Lodge for Thursday night to make this ride.  The Lodge’s web site is: https://www.hannaganmeadow.com/

I don’t know if the Lodge has any open space at this point, but I believe Marvin Meeks has rented a cabin that sleeps six and is looking to share it with others.  If you are interested in the ride and need a place to stay, please contact Marvin at 520-444-9150.

Also, we need a count on who will be making this ride.  We need to let the restaurant in Alpine know about how many OHV riders will arrive for lunch on Thursday and we want to let the Lodge know about how many it will have wanting a to go lunch for the return ride on Friday and about how many will need gas.  The Lodge’s bookings should tell them how many they’ll have for Thursday dinner and Friday breakfast.  If you’re making this ride please just respond to this e-mail with your count, for example:

(2) Jack & Jane Dyer will need a Friday lunches to go and gas.

The ride will leave from the south side of the Rodeo Grounds (highway 191) in Eagar at 9:00 am on Thursday morning, the 29th of August.  This ride is 88 miles to Hannagan Meadow Lodge with a lunch and gas stop in Alpine on the way, so we really need to be rolling at 9:00 am.  Please arrive early enough to unload and be ready for the ride briefing at about 8:45 am.  

We will have dinner at the lodge as well as breakfast Friday morning.  The Lodge will also pack you a lunch for our return trip.  Gas will be available at the lodge or you can carry gas with you.

Friday’s return ride is about 66 miles of beautiful forest and a couple of grave sites.  This ride offers lots of opportunities to see wildlife and some challenging trails

Please be sure your machines are in good working order with good tires.  Because this is a longer ride we will be going at a faster pace where possible.  Also, be sure you have plenty of water for the ride both ways and snacks if you want them and whatever equipment, rain gear, etc. you normally carry. Any questions?  Contact Jerry and Karen Smith at 928-367-4001 or 480-225-0658 or Jack and Jane Dyer at 908-672-4553

Forest Lakes August 2019 Ride

We just completed the Club’s August Camp & Ride.  The camp and staging area was along FS 99 in the Forest Lakes area.

Steve and Lila Dudley lead the Saturday ride and our thanks to them for a great ride.  We had 26 machines on the ride.

The Cub also provided a pancake breakfast before the ride.  Although we didn’t count those at breakfast it was about 50.  Thanks to all those who worked to make this breakfast a success.  I’d try to name names, but I sure I’d forget someone and then be in trouble.  😊

Also, thanks to everyone who help with the breakfast take down and clean up.  We everyone helping we were able to get the table and chairs back in the Clubs trailer quickly and the ride started on time.

The Cub’s next meeting will be September 12th and the ride will be the 21st.  Expect details to follow before then.

The Cub is always looking for things to do with its members.  This month’s breakfast was an example.  Our September meeting at Fools Hollow Lake with dinner is another example.  Expect more details on the September meeting plans as the date approaches.  For example, who would be interested in:

·         A night ride on or near October 13th, the full moon.

·         A wenny roast, or some other social function (wine and cheese, beer and peanuts) on a Saturday following a Club ride

·         A lunch ride to Trappers in November.  We’ll most likely do this. The point is your officers don’t have any corner on ideas and we’d love to hear what you think would be fun.  So, don’t be shy, let us hear your ideas.

Special Hannagan Meadows Ride August 2019

WMOTA, Hannagan Meadow Overnight

August 29 & 30, 2019

We leave from the south side of the Rodeo Grounds (highway 191) in Eagar at 9:00 am on Thursday morning, the 29th of August.  This ride is 88 miles to Hannagan Meadow Lodge with a lunch and gas stop in Alpine on the way. 

You must have a reservation at the Lodge to do this ride.  There are still cabins available.

We will have dinner at the lodge as well as breakfast Friday morning.  The Lodge will also pack a lunch for our return trip.  Gas will be available at the lodge or you can carry gas with you.

Friday’s return ride is about 66 miles of beautiful forest and a couple of grave sites.  This ride offers lots of opportunities to see wild life and some challenging trails

Please be sure your machines are in good working order with good tires.  Because this is a longer ride we will be going at a faster pace where possible. Any questions?  Contact Jerry and Karen Smith at  928-367-4001 or 480-225-0658 or Jack and Jane Dyer at 908-672-4553.

WMOTA Club Meeting July 2019


No Board meeting

Jack opened the meeting at 6 pm.

The new manager of Show Low Motor Sports and 4 couples joined the Club.

Treasure, Karen reported on the club doing the parking at the beer and music festival and tee shirts for the club.

Our May balance in checking was $2,912.46.

Some of the remarking has been done on the Panorama Trail, we may finish in September.

Lorna reported on the work that is being done on the trails.

A signup sheet for overnight observation for the Fall Festival at Charlie Clark was passed around for volunteers.

At the fall Bike Races, we will be parking the RV’s with our ATV’s.

Barbara and Dawn are our new ride leaders for the July 27th club ride. The club needs more ride leaders.

The August ride will be in Forest Lake on the 17th. More information coming in an email.

The Hannagan’s Meadow trip will be on August 29th back on the August 30th. If going you need to reserve at the lodge there.

The ride in Page is not a club ride. We will drive to Page September 29th and come back on October 4th.  Limit of 10 machine.  Trailer in and trailer out for the rides.

Penny Bach Bachmand won the 50/50.

Jack closed the meeting at 6:40.

July Club Ride


Head south on Highway 260,  pass Junction 73 at the Hon-Dah Casino. continue on highway 260  approximately 20.4 miles and Turn Right at the 273 toward BIG LAKE. Go approximately 14.7 miles and Turn LEFT at the 116 road. Go down a dirt road for about 1.2 miles to the camping area. There will be WMOTA signs posted to help guide the way.

We plan on leaving the camping area at about 9:00 am on Saturday July 27th. The ride is About 50 miles . Plan on bringing rain gear just in case  Also lunch and drinks

There will be a Poker Run on the ride and if you would like to participate, a Happy Hour after the ride at the camping area.

Look forward to seeing you there! Barb and Dawn

“The Saturday ride will leave the camping area on the 409 road at 9:00 am and travel North along Lightening Ridge, crossing over Pool Knoll and proceeding to an overlook of Greer. We will then proceed South across open fields to Burro Mountain, where rocky trails will provide some 4-wheel, low gear travel. Morse Spring water is cool, crystal clear and delicious. Off the mountain and across toward Big Lake, hopefully herds of elk will be seen along the way before returning to the camp staging area, a total of 45.8 miles and some of the best trail riding the White Mountains has to offer. A lot of work went into developing this ride, pre-riding it and clearing the trails of fallen trees, so hopefully you will find it enjoyable. Bring lunch, water, and rain suits.”

“We will no doubt have a campfire, liquid refreshments, and pot luck hor d’ oeuvres Friday evening for those who camp and Saturday for all who stay after the ride.”

WMOTA Membership Meeting June 13,2019

WMOTA General Meeting June 13, 2019

Jack called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

We have 5 new couples that joined the club.

Steve, Web Master, informed us of the problems with Web site going down.  We now have new security.

We will be parking cars for the Beer and Music Festival in Pinetop Lakeside.

June ride will be Saturday 29th. Ride is at Buckelew Springs. Saturday AM will have a Conational breakfast.

Financial report by Karen. End of May checking balance $2,912.46.

July 27th   ride is one week later. We are looking into Lunch or Dinner.

There will be a Maverick Trail marking from Panorama Trail Head toward 260.  Karen and Jerry are in charge.  More information by email.

Hannigan’s Meadow ride will be August 29th Lunch in Alpine. Dinner at the Lodge where we will be spending the night.  There will be breakfast and a bag lunch to go. The 30th will return home.

Looking for a small committee of volunteers to put maps of all trails on a tablet that members can copy.

50/50 was won by Barbara Bear.

New business: Lorna sent email to Jack regarding changes with Forrest Service.

White Mountain Preforms gave the club holders for our insurance cards.

WE NEED RIDE LEADERS. Be a tail gunner, learn the ride.

Judy made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Passed.

WMOTA Secretary,

Lila Dudley   June 2019