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September 2017 Camp & Ride


The September Camp & Ride got off to a rough start. The very large camp area just north of the 249 road was very full of archery elk hunters. Not so full that there was not room for the club, but enough so that it kind of cramped our style. The good news is the archery hunt is over on Thursday and the hunters will be leaving. The bad news is rifle elk season opens on Friday, so the archery hunters will be replaced by the rifle hunters. We are fortunate, the forest is big enough for all of us to enjoy.

Rain, who said it was going to rain in late September? The weather forecast was for a 70% chance of rain on Wednesday, but who believes the weatherman? The weatherman was right, it rained off and on most of the day. There were periods of sunshine that allowed us to get the tent setup and enjoy some time around the campfire. When the hail storm hit that was the end of the good times outdoors. Tomorrow’s going to be a better day.


Thursday, was a wonderful day. The sun was out most of the day and no rain. Rain is wonderful for most of the time, but can be a real pain when you are camping. The plans for the day were a pre-ride of Saturday’s scheduled club ride, a potluck supper, time around the campfire and a night ride.

Some may wonder why a pre-ride in this area where the trails are used frequently. The trail had been pre-ridden and cleared a little over a week earlier. Several of the pre-ride machines carry chainsaws, and it is a good thing they were available. There were many trees down across the trail that had to be cleared. Riders from six machines made easy work of removing the trees. The trail was very muddy after the rains from the day earlier. All of the very clean machines came back to camp looking very dirty. The weather was perfect, the wildlife abundant for viewing, the group was in great spirits and it was a wonderful day of riding and enjoying great company.

Who can pass up wonderful potluck food and wonderful folks to share it with? The potluck was a roaring success. There was, as always, way too much food. The leftovers will make another impromptu pot luck for Saturday afternoon after the scheduled ride.

Camping without a campfire is not camping! This group really enjoys the time around a campfire. It is a time to wind down after the day, a time to enjoy conversations with friends, a time to be grateful for all we have.

The impromptu night ride could have been better, but who is complaining? As it turned out only 4 machines participated in this little very unplanned event. Nothing bad happened, it just could have been better if there had been a little up-front planning.


Friday, today, no ride planned. There will be some who venture off into the forest just to explore and have fun. This afternoon is a group lunch at the Bear Wallow café in Alpine and more time around the campfire this evening.

The Saturday activities include a pancake breakfast and great ride led by Ken D and Bill U. Come on out and join us. An added incentive to join the ride is viewing the start of fall colors. The Aspen trees have started to change colors in some area. They certainly are not at their peak, but they do provide a glimpse of what is to come.

Friday was somewhat of a down day, no scheduled trail rides. The big event of the day was a trip to Alpine and a late lunch at the Bear Wallow Café. The morning did bring a small group who wanted to trail ride, so Karen and Jerry led the way to the old, but in really great shape, Spence Cabin. The cabin is located east of the Crescent Lake. The small group of 5 machines spent the morning just wondering and exploring. The last stop before returning to camp was the old Big Lake fire tower site. The group was really excited to see a small herd of elk just off of the highway, they were nervous while watching us. I guess I would be nervous also considering it is hunting season.

The folks at the Bear Wallow Café were glad for a group of 15 to come in for lunch. The food was okay, fortunately the service was really good. Nothing is better than an ice cream stop at the Alpine Café after lunch at the Bear Wallow. It is kind of amazing to watch a group of senior citizens, well that is what we are, enjoying ice cream. Big smiles and pleasant conversations are the rule.

The day was rounded out with some great time around the campfire ring. Camping and campfires just go together.


Saturday, the big day for the club Camp & Ride. The day started off with a wonderful pancake breakfast that was hosted by Karen and Jerry Smith and many helpers. The breakfast included pancakes, bacon and sausage, eggs, and all the trimmings. What a great day way to start the day.

Today’s trail ride is called Bear Claw, is around 58 miles long, moderate difficultly with some rocky areas and will be led by Ken Drozdowicz and Bill Ulrich. The weather could not have been better, cool and breezy with some overcast and a starting temperature in the upper 50s. The ride had 12 machines with mostly experienced club members. The trail goes through some very scenic areas with great mountain vistas and tall pines. The trail also goes through old burn areas that are now beginning to recover with new growth of Aspen trees. The weather has been cool enough so many of the Aspen trees have begun to change to their fall color. The golden color of the Aspens makes the appearance of the burn areas a little easier on the eyes. Thanks to Ken and Bill’s leadership, the trail ride had no problems and many pleased riders and drivers.

The day ended with a great happy hour around the campfire. All the leftovers from Thursday’s potluck were brought back out to be finished off. By the end of the day everyone agreed it had be another wonderful club camp and ride activity. A huge thank you goes to Ken and Nancy Drozdowicz for planning and organizing the fun event.