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Club members from Apache County ATV and WMOTA answered a call for assistance from Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. The Lakeside and Springerville ranger districts wanted club members to become additional hands, eyes, and ears for them over the Memorial Day holiday. The forest service was very concerned because of the stage II fire restrictions (no campfires) and the large number of campers that would be headed to the forest. Most campers will tell you that camping without a campfire is just not camping. The forest service requested both clubs drive forest numbered roads, no trails, looking for camp sites where there was a fire ring. Club members were to install a small pin flag in the fire pits. The pin flags had a printed picture of a campfire symbol with a circle and slash through it, meaning no campfires. Additionally, club members were requested to look for any illegal activities in the forest and report those observed activities to appropriate forest employees or law enforcement. Club members were instructed to be observers only, they would not approach anyone doing something illegal. Club members needed to be able to report what the illegal activity was and provide an accurate location to authorities. Some club members chose to drive their personal vehicles for patrolling while others used their side by side machines. The personal vehicles probably allowed club members to avoid the very dusty road conditions, while those side by side folks got to enjoy the forest even more. The club members provided patrols Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A very large number of the pin flags were placed in fire rings throughout the forest. A small number of illegal activities were reported along with some vandalism. Road closed signs were removed and damaged and locks were cut off of closed gates.  By Monday evening everyone breathed a big sigh of relief because there had not been any forest fires. Offroad club members in WMOTA and Apache County ATV stand ready to provide community service when the need arises. We are all grateful our beautiful forest did not burn and as soon as the monsoon arrives we can once go play in the forest.