We are a private non-profit organization committed to the creation and preservation of Off Highway Vehicle Trails. White Mountain Open Trails Association is an adult oriented group of ATV riders dedicated to promoting ATV riding as a safe and enjoyable adult oriented activity.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of this social organization shall be to represent the interests of motorized hikers which include:
To provide an educational and recreational forum for owners and operators of off-highway vehicles.
To educate trail riding enthusiasts about existing or potential problems of land use and how such problems can be solved or mitigated.
To help in the development and maintenance of both public and private lands for responsible off-highway vehicle recreation and to ensure access to public lands.
To educate the public on shared use.
To promote responsible riding etiquette while preserving the natural environment.
To organize volunteer groups for the clearing and maintaining of trails which includes removal of fallen trees, installing and cleaning of erosion control devices, and removal of litter.

Code of Ethics:

Be a good and responsible ATV/UTV operator.
Be aware and follow all state, county, and city laws pertaining to Off-Highway vehicles.
Keep the forest and adjoining roadways beautiful by packing out what you pack in.
Respect the rights of others on the trail. Everyone wants to have a good time.
Stay on designated trails and routes.