WMOTA General Meeting 10-13-2022

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm
Minutes approved
Teddy Rosevelt tree dying. Joya of Forest Service will check into it.
Treasurer’s report approved
Forest Service will hold a chainsaw class in November. Four people from WMOTA can
attend. If riding as a group (WMOTA) someone will have to be certified. If riding alone
you do not.
The night ride was cancelled due to rain. Another is scheduled for November 5. An
email will be sent out with information.
On October 21 Chuck will lead a ride to verify and take pictures of trails for the AZ
Alpine Trail. Info will be sent.
Maurice will be leading a ridge line ride don October 29. Info will be sent.
Club will not meet again until March. Don Kramer will be staying as Vice-President.
The Secretary position is still open. If interested contact Jack Dyer or Jerry Smith.
Progress is being made on the AZ Alpine Trail.
Meeting adjourned at 7;00 pm

WNOTA General Meeting 9/8/22

Board Present: Jack Dyer, President
Don Kramer, Vice-President
Rhonda Baxter, Secretary
Karen Smith, Treasurer
6:00 pm Meeting opened
Guests – none.
Membership report – 136 members
Minutes approved
Treasurer report approved
A ride is scheduled for 9/17. Nate will lead. It will be a variation of Slaughter’s Circle.
Start at 8:30. Details to be mailed.
Upcoming event: a night ride will be held on Tuesday, 10/11. Start time will be 3:30 –
4:00 pm. Will ride to Trappers for dinner. There will be a pre-ride at some time. Details
will be emailed. 9/22 will be the next day ride.
The Vice-President and Secretary’s positions are up for election. Don Kramer
will continue as Vice-President. Rhonda has chosen not to re-run for Secretary.
Someone is needed to fill this position. Please contact Jack Dyer if you are interested.
Meeting adjourned at 6:12 pm

WMOTA General Meeting

July 14, 2022

Show Low Cafe Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

Guests welcomed.

Motion made to accept the minutes of the last meeting. Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was read. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

 Lorna from the Forest Service stated that warmer and wetter weather is forecast for the rest of the season. The Forest Service is working on grants and needs volunteers. They are going to reschedule the Chainsaw class.  A certification is required to use chainsaws to clear trails. Recertification is required every 3 years.

 WMOTA is going to purchase an electrical chainsaw.

The August ride is on August 27th. October 9th will be an added ride. This will be a night ride (full moon).

The first aid kit, AED and Spot are available for members to borrow. The Spot will come with a short class on usage.

 George Leach will be talking about the Rodeo/Chedisky fire on August 11. Location and time will be announced. This will take place of our August meeting.

The July 23 ride will only be around 35 miles. We will start at Sheep’s Corral at 10:00The July 23 ride will only be around 35 miles. We will start at Sheep’s Corral at 10:00 and ride to Greer. We will have lunch at 1:00 at one of the restaurants then head back.

 Sept 16 – 18 will be the Fire in the Sky ATV event in Heber.

Motion to adjourn at 6:33 pm. Motion passed

There will be a regular meeting at the Show Low Café August 11th at 6PM.  We were unable to get a room for George’s presentation.  George will lead the ride on August 27th ride information will be coming.  

August Meeting

There will be a meeting on August 11, 2022 at the Show Low Cafe at 6pm.

July 14, 2022

Meeting will take place at the Show Low Cafe at 6PM.

Minutes from June 9, 2022

Called to order 6:00 pm

Officers present:  Jack Dyer, President

                                Don Kramer, VP

                                Karen Smith, Treasurer

Welcome Guest:  Erin Mathews &  Dave and Cynthia Ellis 

Approval of minutes of last meeting

Treasurer’s Report:  $2,449.10  Checking Account

                                    $1,571.20  Insurance Reserve

                                    $6,293.56  Time Account

Forest Closure:  75 days w/o rain, so far OPEN

June 18th Ride:  Led by Steve Lovett, staging area off the 409 road to Greer Overlook.  Pre ride June 16th.  Details will be emailed later.

No new business:

50/50:  $38.00 won by John Taylor


June 9, 2022 Show Low Cafe 6:00 PM meeting.

June meeting

June 9, 2022 Show Low Cafe for the Meeting.

May 12, 2022 Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Dyer at 6:00 pm.

Welcome to guests

Minutes last meeting approved.

Treasurers report Karen Smith

April balance all accounts $ 10,131.79
Lorna McNeil -Cox Forest service spoke about trail re- marking, forest closure conditions, chain saw certification for volunteers.( 3 or 4 days training starting 6-1-22 in Overgaard)Predicting forest closure soon due to dry conditions. 
Ride announcement 5-21-2022 northeast side Escudilla Mountain leader: Chuck Wood.
Appeal for ride leaders for WMOTA, training and orientation available!!
Meeting adjourned at 6:50 P.M.
Submitted DonKramer V.P.

May 21 St. Ride

A trailered ride led by Chuck and Pam Wood. Trailering to Clifford Wise’s land where the cellular tower on US 191 a couple of miles south of Nelson Reservoir is located. The ride will begin at 9 am. From Clifford Wise’s property, our staging location, we will ride toward Loco Knoll and the northeast side of the Escudilla mountain. The ride distance will be approximately 42 miles. The route does have areas that are rocky and there are a few technical areas (off-camper, steep, narrow and high clearance segments) that make this a moderate to advanced skill level ride.

riders should dress in layers (normal for our spring weather), and bring lunch, snacks and drinks. We expect a return to Clifford’s around 3:00PM Please RSVP to cewoodretired@fastem.com or 928-242-343- if you will be there.