We had a wonderful ride in the Big Lake area. We went to the Greer overlook. We had some rain but not much. Finished the ride at the store for ice cream.

WMOTA August 12, 2021, Minutes

The meeting was called to order by the President at 6:00 P.M.

Jack welcomed everyone. Asked for approval of the minutes from our last meeting. Maurice made the motion and Jane second it. All approved the minutes. Jack talked about the first aid kit and the Spot for Emergency use. He also mention Paul’s rides in Heber which he rides every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His last ride we had 10 machines on July 28th. Please use the face book page if you are doing a ride.

Weekday rides are popular and working well and will continue. For now we’re allowing the ride leader to pick the date.

No report from social.

Membership we had 6 new members join tonight. We now have 155 members.

No report wemaster.

Karen gave the treasurer’s report.

Subject:  August Club Ride

The August Club ride is Wednesday, August 18th.  We plan to start the ride at 9:00 am, so please arrive at the staging area in plenty of time to unload and brief before 9:00 am.  

WMOTA signs will be located at the 273/116 intersection and another one at the turn-off to the camping/staging area

We’re staging and camping along the 116.  From 260 take 273 south past the Sunrise turnoff for about 14.3 miles and turn right on the 116.  The staging/camping area is about 1 mile on the 116.  When Maurice and Connie get there Tuesday, he will put the WMOTA flag up on the Belmont flagpole. All campers are encouraged to bring some dry firewood and for socializing around the campfire, munchies, and drinks.

As always bring you lunch, snacks, and plenty of water.  Don’t forget your rain gear.  We’re doing the Slaughter Circle.  The ride will be between 45 and 50 miles.

Jack asked if anyone was interested in becoming the club Secretary. Rhonda Baxter volunteered for the position. The Board voted on it and passed. Thank you Rhonda.

The La Pasada Trip was very successful. They did have rain one the first day near the end of the ride. The second day was wonderful.

The Creede, Co trip is full. That trip is August 23rd and they have 18 machines.

Hannagan Meadow trip on September 22-23. They do have a room available if you are interested. Contact Karen.

We are looking for more ride leaders, there will be training on this if you are interested.

Jerry talked about the Alpine Trail from Heber to Hannagan Meadows.

Joya Szalwinski from the Forest Service spoke about the volunteer Patrol:

Hello Members 

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Service is requesting our help in patrolling the OHV trails.  If you are interested in volunteering for this program please contact Joya Szalwinski (928-368-2106) or Lorna (928-521-1494).  Joya’s email is joya.szalwinski@usda.gov

You will receive instructions and training before being sent out on the trails.   

Sounds like a good excuse to do more riding. 


Board of Directors 

50/50 and the winner was Rhonda which she received $68.00.

Jane moved that the meeting adjourn and Pam second it. at 6:45 P.M.

Judy Koski, acting Serectary.

July 8th Club Meeting

Date: July 8, 2021

Location: Show Low Cafe

Called to Order at 6: P.M. by Don Kramer, Vice President

New members got up and introduced themselves.

Forest is open at a level II. We will have a ride on July 17th. Green Peaks area, 117 road – staging at the Sheep’s coral. This will be 36.5 miles, poker run, bring a lunch, rain gear.

Treasurer reports: Karen Smith provided an update on the balance of the accounts. We bought a new box for the 1st aide kit and Don explained the use of the Sat Phone. The motion was made to approve the treasurers report by Frank and Ken seconded it.

Forest Service: Joyce stated that there is a new fire at Wish Bone Mountain. She is also was asking for people interested in helping police the forest. This would involve training.

Karen stated that we had 11 machines signed up for the August 8th ride in Winslow, AZ.

Jerry Smith had a meeting in Payson with representatives of the Forest Service and Park Rangers. They talked about the 400 mile trail from which will be called the Arizona Alpine Trail. This will be a loop. There will be places to stop and stay overnight, shopping and restaurants. The Facebook page is Arizona Alpine Trail, Inc.. Chuck asked for pictures to use on the web site.

We are looking for more ride leaders.

Old Business: We need people to receive information by text if we need help, they will need to learn how to use find me spot.

New Business: Larry Shepard talked about how important safety is in riding. He told his story

Motion was made to accept the minutes from the last meeting, passed.

50/50 Ken Anderson won $63.00.

Jerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:40 P.M. Rick seconded it.

Judy Koski, Acting Secretary

Hi WMOTA Members,

We are planning a new and different ride for November to the Red Onion in Heber, for lunch, on Saturday, November 13th.     

We are staging at the corrals on Pinedale Rd.  Take Highway 260 to Pinedale Rd., turn right (east) about 1 ½ miles to the corrals.  We will depart at 9:00 am.   

The weather is forecast to be 60 degrees and sunny but it never hurts to be prepared.  Please have your machines in good working order, gassed and ready to go.  Bring snacks and drinks but no lunch.  

I am asking for an RSVP to this email so I can give the restaurant a count for our reservation.  If you are going with us, reply to this email, with how many are going by, Thursday, November 11th.  


Date: June 10, 2021

Location: Show Low Cafe

Called to order by Jack Dyer, President

Approximately 36 in attendance including some new members

Karen Smith, club treasurer, provided an updated balance total of $10,165 as of end of May 2021.

It was announced that George Leach would be providing a fire prevention presentation at Fools Hollow Lake State Park on Saturday June 12, 2021 at 7:30pm.

Jack Dyer Club president reminded everyone that the club email system is currently experiencing some challenges and that when someone replies to an email that was sent out to not reply to all.

One of our club sponsors, Show Low Motorsports, has requested a member list that could be readily accessed by them to verify that individuals claiming to be a member to provide the discount reserved for club members. Jack Dyer, President, asked if there were any objections which there wasn’t any from those in attendance. It was further explained that the only information to be provided was member names.

If anyone is willing to lead a club ride please let any member of the board know. We are neding a leader for the July ride, TBD.

We are needing a volunteer to organize things for the club supporting the Fall festival during the last weekend in September. Traditionally the club provides observation support to the vendors/participants during the hours that event isn’t happening. The Pinetop/Lakeside Chamber of Commerce provides $1,000 to the club for providing this important service. Please let a board member know if you are interested in organizing this.

Reminder to have both Arizona decals, off road and highway use, when using public roads and trails. Also children under 18 must be wearing a DOT approved helmet.

A tip regarding registration is to register primarily as an off road vehicle thereby saving on registrations costs.

Meeting was concluded at 6:57pm

Nathan Leonard, Secretary