Date: June 10, 2021

Location: Show Low Cafe

Called to order by Jack Dyer, President

Approximately 36 in attendance including some new members

Karen Smith, club treasurer, provided an updated balance total of $10,165 as of end of May 2021.

It was announced that George Leach would be providing a fire prevention presentation at Fools Hollow Lake State Park on Saturday June 12, 2021 at 7:30pm.

Jack Dyer Club president reminded everyone that the club email system is currently experiencing some challenges and that when someone replies to an email that was sent out to not reply to all.

One of our club sponsors, Show Low Motorsports, has requested a member list that could be readily accessed by them to verify that individuals claiming to be a member to provide the discount reserved for club members. Jack Dyer, President, asked if there were any objections which there wasn’t any from those in attendance. It was further explained that the only information to be provided was member names.

If anyone is willing to lead a club ride please let any member of the board know. We are neding a leader for the July ride, TBD.

We are needing a volunteer to organize things for the club supporting the Fall festival during the last weekend in September. Traditionally the club provides observation support to the vendors/participants during the hours that event isn’t happening. The Pinetop/Lakeside Chamber of Commerce provides $1,000 to the club for providing this important service. Please let a board member know if you are interested in organizing this.

Reminder to have both Arizona decals, off road and highway use, when using public roads and trails. Also children under 18 must be wearing a DOT approved helmet.

A tip regarding registration is to register primarily as an off road vehicle thereby saving on registrations costs.

Meeting was concluded at 6:57pm

Nathan Leonard, Secretary

General Club Meeting Minutes 2016-7-14 Approved

2016-7-14 General Club minutes approved

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2016-7-5 BOD Meeting

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2016-4-14 General Club Minutes

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General Club Meeting – November 12, 2015

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