WMOTA June 2021 Membership Meeting

Date: May 13, 2021

Location: Show Low Cafe

Called to order by Don Kramer, Vice President

Approximately 46 in attendance including some new members

Karen Smith, club treasurer, provided an updated balance total of $9,888,.70 as of end of April 2021.

Karen also provided updated info for the La Posada trip for the dates of June 20 thru 22, 2021. While the hotel no longer has a block of rooms set aside for WMOTA anyone interested can still make reservations on a room available basis. Contact La Posada Hotel, phone number 928-289-4366 or www.laposada.org

In addition, We are planning another Fall Ride to Hannagan Meadow Lodge, Wednesday, September 22. 2021.  The ride will leave from the Eagar Fair Grounds at 9:00 am, returning Thursday, September 23rd.  We will have dinner and breakfast at the lodge and they will also pack a lunch for our return trip.  To make a reservation at the Lodge for this ride, you must call 928-339-4370 and say you are with WMOTA.  We have blocked the entire lodge for the 22nd.  They have cabins also available. Please book your room soon as they are limited in space.  POC is Karen Smith, Treasurer.

Invitation was mass for suggestions for the June ride. Further info to be provided at later date.

Jerry Smith provided some information regarding development of the Arizona Alpine Trail that will be between Payson and Hannagan Meadow. A face book page has been established under the name Arizona Alpine Trail containing additional info.

George Leech provided insight on current drought conditions which is extreme fire conditions currently exist.  Currently in stage 1 fire restrictions. Stay tuned for further developments and advisories provided by agencies including U.S. Forest Service which could impact future rides.

50/50 raffle was won by new member Jenna Stephens. Congratulations Jenna!

Meeting was concluded at 6:57pm

Nathan Leonard, Secretary

July 8th Club Meeting

Date: July 8, 2021

Location: Show Low Cafe

Called to Order at 6: P.M. by Don Kramer, Vice President

New members got up and introduced themselves.

Forest is open at a level II. We will have a ride on July 17th. Green Peaks area, 117 road – staging at the Sheep’s coral. This will be 36.5 miles, poker run, bring a lunch, rain gear.

Treasurer reports: Karen Smith provided an update on the balance of the accounts. We bought a new box for the 1st aide kit and Don explained the use of the Sat Phone. The motion was made to approve the treasurers report by Frank and Ken seconded it.

Forest Service: Joyce stated that there is a new fire at Wish Bone Mountain. She is also was asking for people interested in helping police the forest. This would involve training.

Karen stated that we had 11 machines signed up for the August 8th ride in Winslow, AZ.

Jerry Smith had a meeting in Payson with representatives of the Forest Service and Park Rangers. They talked about the 400 mile trail from which will be called the Arizona Alpine Trail. This will be a loop. There will be places to stop and stay overnight, shopping and restaurants. The Facebook page is Arizona Alpine Trail, Inc.. Chuck asked for pictures to use on the web site.

We are looking for more ride leaders.

Old Business: We need people to receive information by text if we need help, they will need to learn how to use find me spot.

New Business: Larry Shepard talked about how important safety is in riding. He told his story

Motion was made to accept the minutes from the last meeting, passed.

50/50 Ken Anderson won $63.00.

Jerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:40 P.M. Rick seconded it.

Judy Koski, Acting Secretary


WMOTA club meeting held during Bear Claw Ride ride that was organized by Maurice. Thank you to everyone who prepared the trail for a great ride! There were 25 total units.

President Jack Dyer called the meeting to order. Welcome to all members and guests.

Karen, club treasurer, provided an updated Treasurer Report. Sept. balance $9,573.27

It was discussed that the weekday rides continue to be popular and will continue.

Reminder made about the WMOTA facebook page which is to allow members to get together for smaller group rides.

Paul will lead the next club ride on Oct. 24 in the Heber/Overgaard area. More details to come in the near furture.

Jack then talked about the need for new ride leaders and how training will be provided. Contact Don Kramer, club Vice President and Ride Chairman, if you would like to do this.

It was announced that Nathan Leonard will now serve as the club Secretary.

Meeting was ajourned.

Nathan Leonard

September 2020 Membership Meeting

WMOTA General meeting September 10, 2020

President, Jack Dyer called the meeting to order.  Welcome to all new members and guest.

Our club ride will be during the week, this seems to work for the club. Maybe 3rd Wednesday or let the ride leader chose the date.

Webmaster, Steve Dudley informed us we have converted to a new E-mail server.  Now it is a new learning curve.

Minutes were approved from last meeting. Available on Club web site.

The club needs a Secretary and Social director. If interested contact Jerry Smith.

The Club needs more ride leaders and the we will train.

Maurice Colwell has been working on the Maverick West trail from Clay Springs North to 277.  This was proposed 8 or 9 years ago. roro

Maurice will be leading the Fall Color Ride in October.  More info to come later.

50/50 was won by Karen Smith $80.00.

Meeting was adjourned.


Lila Dudley

WMOTA JULY 2020 Membership Meeting

WMOTA July 2020 Membership Meeting

On July 18th 2020 while on a club ride from Buckelew Springs and around Greens Peak our club president, Jack, after our lunch break, called a club meeting to order.

There were 16 rigs and 30 club members in attendance. After a greeting from Jack, Maurice gave an update on the Maverick trail and how plans with the Forest Service to update and extend the trail are going.

Then Steve Dudley gave a short talk about the new WMOTA ATV Riders Facebook group. When finished this will allow members to schedule a ride any time between Club Monthly rides and send info through a Post on Facebook to all WMOTA Group members.  Watch for an email with details in the near future.

Jack than talked about our need for new Ride Leaders, how the club will train you to lead a ride. Contact Don Kramer, club Vice President and Ride Chairman, if you would like to do this.

Karen, Club Treasurer, said she would give an updated Treasurer Report next meeting, as she did not bring the report with her on the ride today. She assured us the club is solvent.

The club is planning a club picnic in September at Woodland Lake Park with the club supplying the meal.  More information will be sent on this at a closer date.

No regular club meeting will be held in August, we will have the meeting after lunch during the August ride.

Karen Smith will be the ride leader, with her number one navigator Jerry, in August. The ride will start on the 409 road, near what we call Camp WMOTA, due to the many times the club has camped there. The ride date may be changed and that info will be sent to all club members when the date is confirmed, with details on the ride.

Maurice is planning to lead a ride near Big Lake in September. The normal club date of September 19th may be changed. This is supposed to be a Fall Colors ride depending on the best date to see the leaves in color around Big Lake. It is spectacular if we time it right!

There was some discussion of a Ladies only ride.  If and when that is planned info will be emailed out.

The meeting ended at 1:15 PM and we continued on our club ride. A very good club ride, led by Chuck and Pam Wood over new trails some of us had not seen before.  A great ride, THANK YOU Chuck and Pam

Secretary Lila Dudley   July 18, 2020

WMOTA Meeting June 2020

WOMTA General Meeting

June 20, 2020

Jack opened the meeting after lunch on the Slaughter Trail Ride.

Club dues were due on April 1st. We have 96 paid club members.

Minutes were approved from the April Meeting.

Karen gave the Treasures report. May checking balance $1805.70, total May balance $9807.72.

The next ride will be July 18thnear Vernon. There may be camping at Buckelew springs. Club meeting may be on the July ride.  More information to come.

If you would like to go on a ride and are looking for someone to join you send an email to a club officer with meeting place, day, time and your contact information. They will send an email out to club members.                                                                                                                                                                                  The Club is planning a BBQ for September.

Don and his Son have been working on a first aid kit for the club, which is now on hold because of a shortage of medical supplies.  Don is also working on leaders for future rides.  If interested let him know.

Don thanked Jack for birddogging the Forest Service and getting permission for more than 10 people on our ride.


Lila Dudley

Club Meeting November 2019

WMOTA General Meeting 11/14/2019

Jack called the meeting to order at 6 pm. Minutes of last meeting were approved.

We are checking on a Spot X locator for our rides. If we have an accident in an area with no Cell service we could call for help. If several club members borrow it for a ride, they are responsible if lost or broken.

A Defibulator -Barbara has one that needs a battery. She will let us use it on our rides.

We are checking on a first aid kit and a class on Wilderness first aid.

Jack is reelected as President and Karen will remain as Treasure.

Membership dues are due April 1st .

The November 23rd ride is to Trappers for Lunch weather permitting. This is our last ride for 2019. We will start in April of 2020.

Yuma ride is the first week of February on Tuesday thru Thursday. There is a limit of 10 ATV’s.

Jack wished everyone “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”

50/50 was won by Karen.

Jack made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Passed.

Secretary, Lila Dudley

September 2019 Club Meeting

WMOTA President Jack Dyer opened the meeting at 4:35 pm with Judy Koski, Karen Smith and Maurice Colwell subbing for Lila Dudley for an abbreviated BoD meeting. Karen announced that Ron Langley(sp) is heading up the volunteers for our support to the Epic Rides mountain bike races. Thank you to Ron. Still in need of help for parking, sign up sheets being circulated. George Leech’s ride will be a poker run. The Travel Management Plan will be discussed later as will other items. A new club T-shirt order has arrived.

The regular meeting began at 5:55 pm after members had finished eating their great bbq meal. Lorna will be circulating a sign up sheet for volunteers to indicate their willingness to help out when needed. The matching hours expended by our members are used to support grant requests.  Judy Koski reported that WMOTA currently has 153 members, good show! This year’s new members were acknowledged and told how much they are appreciated for their efforts. Jerry Smith stated there are two board positions to be filled this year, president and treasurer. Anyone interested in running for these offices should contact Jerry Smith.

Last month’s minutes were approved. Karen gave the treasurer’s report, August balance is $9917.61. Considerable discussion was held about the Travel Management Plan and members were told that an email would be forthcoming, plus the forest service will hold a public meeting on the 19th.

George described the club ride on the 21st and location details have been emailed to all members. Support to the Fall Festival is settled and assignments have been published, however as discussed earlier, volunteers with ATV’s are needed to work the parking for the Epic Rides event.

WMOTA and Apache ATV will have a joint Fall colors ride on October 12, details have been emailed, and Paul Kulas will lead a club ride on the 19th of October, details to follow. Next WMOTA club meeting is October 10. Members were told to be aware that hunters are out there at this time of year, and to be considerate of them. Dave and Penny  Bachmann announced they would like to invite members to come over to Yuma again for more rides in February. Lorna announced the fire in the Lakeside District is being treated as a management fire and does not pose a threat. The 50-50 drawing was won by Roger Ferin. Meeting adjourned

WMOTA August Club Meeting 2019

WMOTA General Meeting Aug 7, 2019

Jack called the meeting to order at 6 PM and welcomed our guest.

On Aug 18 we will meet at Honda for a pre-ride for the Hannigan’s Meadow ride. Wear long sleeve shirts and no shorts.

October 4th we will be parking RV’s and campers for the Mountain Bike Ride. We will be using our ATV’s for the parking and will need 10 people to help that day.

The September Club meeting will be at Fools Hollow Lake.  There will be a BBQ rib dinner for Club Members, and our club meeting will be after dinner.

There will be a February ride in Yuma, the 3rd thru the 7th, 2020.  You will need a State land permit.  More information will be coming later.

We need ride leaders.  Steve and I are ride leaders for August and on the 2nd pre ride we saw 2 large groups of Elk, NO DUST for ride leaders.

Lorna gave us information for checking fires.  One web site is 311info.net for fire information.

Apache Club sent an email with pictures regarding sticks coming up through the floor of the ATV and injuring a rider.  One of our member’s told us his wife was hit by a 9 mm from some target shooters that had ricochet, on Porter Mountain Trail, luckily her skin was not broken.  We have to be vigilant on the trails.

Jack closed the meeting.

WMOTA Sectary,

Lila Dudley

WMOTA Club Meeting July 2019


No Board meeting

Jack opened the meeting at 6 pm.

The new manager of Show Low Motor Sports and 4 couples joined the Club.

Treasure, Karen reported on the club doing the parking at the beer and music festival and tee shirts for the club.

Our May balance in checking was $2,912.46.

Some of the remarking has been done on the Panorama Trail, we may finish in September.

Lorna reported on the work that is being done on the trails.

A signup sheet for overnight observation for the Fall Festival at Charlie Clark was passed around for volunteers.

At the fall Bike Races, we will be parking the RV’s with our ATV’s.

Barbara and Dawn are our new ride leaders for the July 27th club ride. The club needs more ride leaders.

The August ride will be in Forest Lake on the 17th. More information coming in an email.

The Hannagan’s Meadow trip will be on August 29th back on the August 30th. If going you need to reserve at the lodge there.

The ride in Page is not a club ride. We will drive to Page September 29th and come back on October 4th.  Limit of 10 machine.  Trailer in and trailer out for the rides.

Penny Bach Bachmand won the 50/50.

Jack closed the meeting at 6:40.