April 14, 2022 Minutes


Board Members Present: Jack Dyer, President;  Don Cramer, Vice President;  Rhonda Baxter, Secretary; Karen Smith, Treasurer.
Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. 
Karen Smith has been made Statutory Agent and has filed the 990 and AZ Corp. papers.
Karen stated that WMOTA apparel will now be printed by Outdoors SW. They will add long-sleeved, short-sleeved and women’s shirts, the contact is Annie Groebner.

Jerry Smith talked about the Alpine Trail. The committee has been talking to towns along the trail and they seem to be excited about the trail. A 501C3 application has been submitted. The website is AzAlpineTrail.com.. They will be accepting memberships this spring. Jack Dyer stated that the cost for a couple on the Peace Trail can run $250 a day.
Don Cramer is going to get a box for the Spot and AED to be carried by the “tail gunner” on rides.  
Hoya from the Forest Service said a Travel Management rule will be implemented in October.  The Forest Service has a grant for a full time manager.  Lorna from the Forest Service said the drought is extreme and the fire conditions are high. The Forest Service is working on the Maverick Trail and need volunteers. 
Karen Smith gave the Treasurer’s Report. Don Cramer made a motion made to approve the report, Judy Koski 2nd.  Motion approved. 
Andy Baxter and Rick Taylor will be conducting a New Rider’s Orientation for beginners. It will be a 4 hour course that covers 28 miles of all terrain conditions. 
Jack Dyer encouraged all riders to obtain radios for the rides stating that it is a safety issue. Several types were discussed. 
Don Cramer discussed the House Bill 2456, which would tap into OHV funds. 
New members introduced themselves and were welcomed. 
Jack Dyer made a motion to adjourn and Andy Baxter 2nded. Meeting adjourned at 6:53