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Club Ride February 2019


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February Camp & Ride in Yuma

The first ever club winter event in Yuma was suggested and hosted by Bill & Cathy Meinheit and Dave & Penney Bachmann. They are club members who winter in Yuma and summer in our mountains. They are avid off road riders and have spent many years riding and exploring the vast areas around Yuma. Their knowledge of the area makes them great ride leaders. There were 20+/- (it varied from day to day) participants and 10 machines. 

The rides on Tuesday and Wednesday would be on the Barry M Goldwater Air Force Range where permits are required for entry. All participants were required to obtain range permits before arriving in Yuma. Each day the permit numbers had to be submitted to range officials via email before entering the range. While there was no check station for entry into the range where permits would be checked, permits were checked by rangers in the field. 


Dave and Penny were the ride leaders and Bill was the tail gunner. Dave promised a easy ride with many stops for viewing and sharing of his vast knowledge of the area. The ride was originally advertised to be around 75 miles, did not even come close. The ride turned out to be around 35 +/- miles. Dave took us to a the Fortana Mine and the large hillside water tank where he explained the history of both. 


One interesting stop along the way was at an emergency phone tower. The tower is provided for the use of illegals entering our country that find themselves in trouble in the inhospitable desert. The signs (written in Spanish and English) on the tower state to push the red button and wait up to one hour and the Border Patrol will arrive. The radio towers have shiny disc on chain at the top of the tower. The wind moves the disc and makes the tower visible for long distances in the daylight hours. One more tax payer service provided to people who enter our county illegally. 


The ride returned to Bill and Cathy’s home around 4pm, allowing two hours for cleanup before the hosted supper. Cathy prepared a great meal of twice baked spaghetti that was enjoyed by all.  By 7pm everyone one was heading for home and some much need rest. It was a memorial day of great riding with happy club members.